Self Published Books

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We can help you realise your plans to produce and publish small runs of books.  We are not 'Vanity Publishers' we merely enable you to produce your book at a reasonable price and to the best possible standards.

Our studio and print facility is equipped with the latest digital equipment to ensure the best possible end product. We have over forty years of design and print production experience supported by leading production technology.

We will provide you with all the necessary advice and guidance before the project is started and then support you all the way through the process. Your project is undertaken 'in-house' enabling you to retain control at all stages of the production process and avoid wasted time and expensive 'misunderstandings' between you and your sub-contractors. 

While some authors provide us with hand or typewritten copy, the majority submit their work as computer generated files. Although MS Word is the principal programme, we are able to work with files generated by virtually any word processor running on either Mac or Windows OS. (more)

Should you want just a few copies printed to give to family and friends, our modern production facility caters for that. There's no upper or lower limit to the number we can print and bind. 

Whatever the initial number you decide, we can always produce more copies at a later date.