An appetite for knowledge

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An appetite for knowledge!..

Over the last 40 years we have become used to work coming from a wide range of sources. However a dog with an appetite for knowledge providing work is a first. The knowledge-hungry hound took a fancy to a hand-made journal in the care of its owner Alison Lloyd of Polegate. Alisonís sister had travelled in the Masi Mara and commissioned native Kenyan tribesmen to bind the handwritten journal of her trip.


Perhaps the dog was irresistibly attracted to the variety of leathers used for the journalís binding. Whether it was a lust for the taste of the leather or an urge to get to the journalís contents, we'll never know. As you can see in the picture, the covers and paper were badly torn, tooth-marked and stained.

A sympathetic and hopefully undetectable restoration was needed before the book could be returned to its author.

Virtually all of the materials used in the book were locally made and the skins sourced from the region. Fortunately, we were able to clean, repair and substitute the damaged parts of the book from our large range of papers and leathers. It turned out to be an interesting project!

Most books are not beyond repair although this one nearly was. If you have a favourite book that's in a poor state, perhaps a bible which has been annotated over the years, lets see if we can restore it to use.